Our Services

Design Solutions

Helping our clients defining their problems and custom making engineering solutions is our top goal.

Technical Assurance and Integration

Right design from the first time is a major objective when bringing together hardware and software components into one system.

Software Engineering Services

In VAES we are taking a step-by-step approach to define engineering problems and prescribe, design and implement software solutions

Data Collecting, Processing and Visualisation

Collecting operation, performance, and maintenance real-time data is essential to drive business success.

Web-based Application

VAES is proud of leading a group of experts to facilitate engineering work through a range of custom-made web-based applications (Web Apps).

Maintenance Optimisation Tools

Whether it is to be established from scratch in a fresh design or to adapt to a legacy of Maintenance regimes, our team possess the capability to develop the fit-to-purpose software.

Diagnosis Tools

A common challenge over several industries is that knowledge about systems and their fault and faultless behaviour is not available.

Remote Condition Monitoring

Whether it is structural or mechanical and electrical, we can monitor asset to prevent costly downtime through identifying the need for proactive maintenance before the occurrence of failure.

Reliability-centred Maintenance

Our team of experts are taking an effective approach towards implementing successful Reliability-centred Maintenance

Project Management

Through a board of highly motivated experts, we can take over or a key player role in managing large scale projects

Engineering Safety

Safety where respective common practice must be applied religiously and compliance with regulations must be demonstrated fully.

Reliability, Availability, Maintainability

Reliability is the proportion of time a system delivers its intended functionality without a failure.

Asset Management

In asset management, our strategy focuses on improving safety, quality of asset services, eliminating unplanned downtime, reducing maintenance cost and increase the operational availability.

Access and Maintenance

Implementing and assuring safe and easy access and maintenance in the design and installation are significant to develop sustainable assets.

Interface Management

To be scope, budget and time focused, we implement effective interface management among multiple suppliers, contractors and subcontractors in large scale engineering projects.

Configuration Management

To design, install and handover assets that can deliver the intended purpose (performance, functional and physical attribute) a rigorous configuration management is therefore an essential process throughout the life cycle of those assets.

Requirements Management

RM is the of process of capturing, agreeing, analysing, controlling and accepting, commenting on, or rejecting claims of meeting the intended requirements by designers, constructors and suppliers.

Obsolescence Management

We develop strategies and put execution plans in place to identify potential risks of parts, spares, expertise, software, tools, etc become obsolete.

Testing and Commissioning

We offer an expert consultancy on drawing T&C strategy and plan. For software, hardware or mixed type systems, we offer systematic T&C approach

Operation and Maintenance Manual

Our O&M team is expert in deriving and effectively capturing information required for operation, maintenance, removal/decommissioning and recycling in a manual.