Requirements Management

RM is the of process of capturing, agreeing, analysing, controlling and accepting, commenting on, or rejecting claims of meeting the intended requirements by designers, constructors and suppliers.

We are able to provide the right tools and expertise to deliver RM with great benefit of:

  • Visibility over project development process
  • Unifying data and its format in a single source of truth
  • Accurately controlled build towards the intended final product
  • Traceability for time lost chasing reviews and approvals
  • Traceability to requirements to prove quality and compliance
  • Replicate features across products, eg. reusing validated requirements

Through a team of experts, VAES can define effective operation strategies to deliver the long-term needs and goals of the business. This is including:

  • Contingency Planning
  • Emergency Response Management
  • Accidents/incidents Monitoring
  • Operational Policies and Procedures
  • Operation Resilience
  • Safe and Reliable Services
  • Performance at the Desirable Level