Diagnosis Tools

A common challenge over several industries is that knowledge about systems and their fault and faultless behaviour is not available. Furthermore, developing such knowledge is technically a big and very expensive task.

VAES understood that challenge and successfully addressed it.

For the best interest of our clients, we are adopting and hybridising two approaches to capture effective diagnosis knowledge:

1- Model-based Approach: in this approach we derive diagnosis knowledge from:

  • Design Drawings
  • System Definition and specification
  • Failure Analysis Techniques
  • Operation and Maintenance Manual

2- Data-based Approach: in this approach we derive knowledge from

  • Experimental observations: testing and commissioning record, FAT and SAT tests
  • Operation context of systems, DRACAS, FRACAS, Maintenance Record and Similar systems elsewhere

3- Hybrid approach: a mix Model-Based and Data-Based approaches.