Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas industry is constantly challenged by the high-and-low swings in the market demands and the consequent price fluctuations. A more recent challenge laid by the noticeable drop in the exploring efforts of new fields, as the capital expenditure is turned away. Since then pressure starts building up on the existing assets to work harder and maximising production.

Coping and achieving a breakthrough in the production capacity, in such conditions, are demanding a fresh filed operation and asset maintenance strategies.
VASE offers an agile solution through two-stage strategy: Operational Efficiency and Future Ready

Operational Efficiency

VAES delivers operational efficiency through introducing custom-made technical, managerial and software tools to:
Digitalisation and Automation
Starting from scratch or building up on results from Operational Efficiency, VAES can lead a major digitalisation process transfer the business into future ready. Whether through our generic web-based applications, Internet of Thongs (IoT) or custom-made applications, VAES is eager to put the demand, production, people, machinery, procedures and data into digital world and real-time processes. Our Oil and Gas solutions including but not limited to:
  • Increasing production capacity and meeting Barrel of Oil Equivalent (BOE) target
  • Controlling the cost of the Barrel of Oil Equivalent (BOE)
  • Eliminating or reducing to an acceptable level the maintenance risks
  • Managing safety hazard and bringing them to as low as reasonably achievable ALARP
  • Improving the reliability, availability, Maintainability and operational efficiency of Upstream, Midstream and Downstream