Interface Management

To be scope, budget and time focused, we implement effective interface management among multiple suppliers, contractors and subcontractors in large scale engineering projects. That is through developing plans and procedures to:

  • Organise communications among parties
  • Identify and prioritise critical interfaces
  • Monitor ongoing interface work and mitigate risks
  • Technical Assurance over design and construction processes

We define the interface management within an engineering project through:

  • Contractual: The communication and work together within the project (among sub-supplier/subcontractors) and outside the project with external parties, such as authorities, neighbours, etc.
  • Physical: Interaction between physical assets
  • Functional: Functional requirements at the point of interactions among assets
  • Organisational: coordination among a variety of engineering disciplines
  • Knowledge: Sharing and exchange data, information and innovation among parties
  • Resource: equipment, staff, material and supplier dependencies among parties.