Operation and Maintenance Manual

Our O&M team is expert in deriving and effectively capturing information required for operation, maintenance, removal/decommissioning and recycling in a manual.

We put our service forward to the asset constructors and integrators to help them producing a quality O&M manual. Among the contents (but not limited to) of the O&M manual:

  • Operational and Maintenance principles
  • Detail of the finishing, civil structure parts, electrical, mechanical public health equipment, etc
  • As built drawing
  • Instructions for the operator and maintainer, including health and safety information for safe and efficient operation and maintenance
  • Asset Information System
  • Spear parts with sufficient information about parts numbers, lead time, supplier’s information, size, weight, storage information, etc
  • Asset renewal instruction
  • Procedures and Tools (and special tools) to access, remove, replace and maintain the assets
  • Required maintenance expertise and level of qualification.
  • Guide on software update
  • Assets Guarantees, warranties and certificates.
  • Special requirements for decommissioning and disposal.