Featured Products & Services

Design Solutions

Helping our clients defining their problems and custom making engineering solutions is our top goal.

Technical Assurance and Integration

Right design from the first time is a major objective when bringing together hardware and software components into one system.

Software Engineering Services

In VAES we are taking a step-by-step approach to define engineering problems and prescribe, design and implement software solutions.

Data Collecting, Processing and Visualisation

Collecting operation, performance, and maintenance real-time data is essential to drive business success.

Web-based Application

VAES is proud of leading a group of experts to facilitate engineering work through a range of custom-made web-based applications .

Maintenance Optimisation Tools

Whether it is to be established from scratch in a fresh design or to adapt to a legacy of Maintenance regimes.


Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas industry is constantly challenged by the high-and-low swings in the market demands and the consequent price fluctuations


Meeting performance target is a key success in the railway industry. VAES can facilitate the delivery of a wide range of the digital railway aspects.

Smart Homes

Our experts in the Design Solutions and Software Engineering are passionate to bring automation to support economical and affordable houses

Who we are

VAES is a group of practitioners with deep knowledge and expertise whose passion and vision are focusing on sustainable, effective and cost-effective engineering solutions.
Working on pioneering innovative hardware and software solutions, we are taking our engineering services to an international level and influence a global practice improvement.
Our clients realised a continuous competitive advantage and value by delivering safe, operable, maintainable and desirably performing assets.